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Abrasives and Refractory Materials Manufacturer

As a leading Chinese refractory material and abrasive material manufacturer, SHUO CHENG is extraordinary in efficiently providing all kinds of top-quality refractory raw materials, unshaped refractory materials, shaped refractory materials, refractory metallurgical auxiliary, abrasive raw materials, abrasive tools and so on for such industries as metallurgy, kiln, petrochemistry, thermal power generation, ceramic, glass, cement, etc. We take pride in owning a comprehensive and complete product range, including brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, tabular alumina, spinel, mullite, refractory castable, ramming material, refractory mortar, refractory brick, insulation brick, anhydrous taphole clay, calcium aluminate, zirconia alumina, silicon carbide, abrasive block, bonded abrasive, coated abrasive, superhard abrasive, etc. As a professional artificial refractory material and abrasive material enterprise integrating production, processing and exportation, SHUO CHENG owns not only industry-leading smelting furnaces and automatic production lines capable of producing tens of thousands of tons of refractories and castable annually, but also a professional refractory product and abrasive R&D, production and service team. Except various standard products, we are able to provide client-specific customization service. We welcome purchasers and dealers all over the world to contact us for more information!

    1. Brown Fused Alumina

      The SC-B95 brown fused alumina is mainly applicable for producing all kinds of corundum series ramming and gunning mixes, castables and refractory bricks. < More >

    1. White Fused Alumina

      The white fused alumina is carefully made by fusing high-grade industrial aluminum oxide powders in an electric arc furnace with a temperature of over 2000 ℃ . < More >

    1. Corundum Brick

      It is mainly suitable for iron making blast furnace and blast-furnace hot blast stove, steel-making secondary refining furnace, glass melting furnace, etc. < More >

    1. Refractory Castable

      The refractory castable is made from refractory aggregate, refractory powder, binding agent, additive, water or other liquids. It is suitable for pouring procedure. < More >

    1. Black Silicon Carbide Abrasive

      The artificial abrasive is extensively applicable for abrasive tool, electronic product cutting and grinding, refractory material, special ceramics, foamed ceramics. < More >

    1. Green Silicon Carbide Abrasive

      The green silicon carbide is suitable for various multi-purpose abrasive tools and cutting abrasives like grinding wheel, abrasive paper, abrasive belt, etc. < More >

    1. Abrasive Block

      Kraft paper boxes on iron frame pallet.
      The abrasive block can be made from silicon carbide, white aluminum oxide or brown aluminum oxide. < More >

    1. Tumbling Media

      The ceramic products are available in different shapes like spherosome, cylinder, elliptical cylinder, triangle, oblique triangle, oval, cone, rhombus, tetrahedron, etc. < More >