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High Temperature Coal Tar Pitch

Product Number: SC-CP
The high-temperature coal tar pitch incorporates high resin content, low ash and so on, widely applied for blast furnace trough material, gunning mix for blast furnace, ramming mass, castable, and additives for unshaped refectories and carbon material. The coal tar pitch is excellent in improving cementation and recarburization, enhancing high-temperature resistance and strengthening washout resistance.

Technical Indicators of Coal Tar Pitch

Fixed carbon 60% min
Ash 0.25% max
Volatile 30-40%
Softening point 120℃ Min (130℃ Min/140 ℃ Min/150 ℃ Min)
Moisture 0.5% max
Size Granule shape: -1mm 90% min
Ball shape: 45-200 mesh

Related Names
High-Temperature Pitch | Ball-Shaped Pitch | Refractory Product Additive

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