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Bubble Alumina

Product Number: SC- BA
As is known, bubble alumina is a high-temperature resistant refractory material. The bubble alumina SHUO CHENG offers possesses extremely high mechanical strength (several times higher than that of general light goods), well suitable for blast furnace with an up to 1800℃ temperature.

Besides, the bubble alumina can be used as high temperature and extremely high temperature insulation materials, high-heat-resistant lightweight aggregate refractory concretes, high temperature castables, etc. In addition, the lightweight refractory material is extensively applied in high temperature and extremely high temperature kilns like gasifier for petrochemical industry, reaction furnace for carbon black industry, induction furnace for metallurgical industry and so on, achieving very satisfactory energy-saving performance.

Technical Indicators of Bubble Alumina

Indicators Guarantee
Chemical composition (%) Al2O3 ≥99
Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.5-1.0
Damaged rate (%) ≤15
Refractoriness (℃) 1800
Size ¢5-0.2mm
Usage Used for thermal insulation filling materials and manufacturing lightweight brick

Related Names
Alumina Bubble | Bubble Alumina Castable | Bubble Alumina Product

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