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Boron Carbide

Product Number: SC- B4C
It is widely known that boron carbide is one of the hardest artificial abrasive materials. The boron carbide Shuo Cheng supplies features great oxidation resistance, well suitable for carbon-containing refractory materials. The hard material is able to densify products and prevent the carbons in carbon-containing refractories from being oxidized.

Besides, the artificial diamond can be used to cut, grind, drill and polish precision parts like cemented carbides, cutting tools, moulds, gems, etc. It should also be mentioned that the boron carbide is the main raw material of refracotories, heat-resisting materials, hardfacing electrodes, metal borides, boron alloies, engineering ceramics, boron steels, etc.

Chemical Composition (-325 Mesh)

Chemical composition Total B 76.39%
B2O3 0.24%
Free B 0.45%
Compound B 75.94%
Total C 2 1 .70%
Free C 1.93%
Compound C 20.77%
Fe2O3 0. 17 %
B4C 9 5.5 1%

Available Grain Sizes
-100mesh, -200mesh, -325mesh, etc.

Related Names
Boron Carbide Ceramic | Boron Carbide Abrasive

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