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Ceramsite Sand

Product Number: SC-CS
The ceramsite sand is a kind of ceramic particle products, featuring very high splitting tensile strength. The ceramsite sand belongs to environment-friendly products, mainly applied for oilfield downhole proppant to increase oil and natural gas output. The ceramsite sand SHUO CHENG supplies adopts top-quality bauxite, coal and so on, which are processed by means of ceramic sintering. The ceramsite sand is an excellent replacement for natural siliceous sand, glass ball, metal ball and other middle and lower strength proppants, greatly attributing to output increase of oil and natural gas.

1. Excellent crush resistance in a wide range of applications
2. Effective in closure stress (up to 14000psi.)
3. Frequently selected for moderate-depth oil and gas wells.
4. Available in four standard sizes: 16/30, 20/40, 30/60, and 40/70

Typical Sieve Analysis (Weight % Retained)

U.S.mesh (mesh) Microns 16/30 20/40
+16 mesh +1180 1 ---
-16+18mesh -1180+1000 33 ---
-18+20mesh -100+850 52 3
-20+30mesh -850+600 14 65
-30+40mesh -600+425 --- 32
-40mesh -425 --- ---

Sizing Requirement
A minimum of 90% of the tested sample should fall between the designated sieve size. These specifications meet the recommended practices as detailed in ISO 13503-2.

Typical Additional Properties

Roundness 0.9 Chemical composition (weight %)
Sphericity 0.9 AL2O3 72
Bulk density( g/cm3 ) 1.88 SiO2 13
True specific gravity ( g/cm3 ) 3.27 TIO2 4
Absolute volume (gal/lb) 0.037 Fe2O3 10
Solubility acid (% weight loss) 4.5 Others 1

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Ceramsite Sand Product | Bauxite Ceramsite Sand | Coal Ash Ceramsite Sand

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