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Fused Silica

Product Number: SC-FS
The fused silica supplied by Chuo Cheng is a colorless and transparent solid with the size of 40-10 mesh or 60-20 mesh, made from high-quality vein quartz. This refractory raw material is mainly suitable for solar crucible for polycrystalline silicon ingot, electronics, semi-conductor, quartz ceramic roll, etc. In terms of precision casting, the fused silica can replace zircon sand and zircon powder to lower cost up to 50%.It is a high-end refractory material as well as an ideal filling material for chemical industry (like oil paint).

Chemical Composition of Fused Silica

Grade SiO2 Fe(ppm)≤ Ca(ppm) ≤ K(ppm)≤ Na(ppm) ≤
High Grade 99.95%min 30 1 20 20
Grade A 99.90%min 30 10 25 30

Related Names
Fused Silica Crucible | Fused Silica Ceramic

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