Refractory Raw Materials

Being a professional Chinese refractory material and abrasive material manufacturer and supplier, SHUO CHENG is able to offer reliable and reasonably priced refractory raw materials, including brown fused alumina, high-purity brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, tabular alumina, magnesium aluminate spinel, mullite, fused zirconia mullite, cordierite powder, calcined bauxite, calcium aluminate cement, high temperature coal tar pitch, bubble alumina, steel fiber, boron carbide, magnesium olivine sand, activated alumina, ceramsite sand, fused silica and sodium silicate powder.

These refractory raw materials are widely applied in such sectors as metallurgy, ceramics, chemical engineering, petroleum, semi-conductor, aviation, glass, etc. As a leading synthetic refractory material manufacturer in China, we are also excellent in customizing refractory products according to your requirements. Please contact us anytime.

    1. Brown Fused Alumina

      The SC-B95 brown fused alumina is mainly applicable for producing all kinds of corundum series ramming and gunning mixes, castables and refractory bricks. < More >

    1. White Fused Alumina

      The white fused alumina is carefully made by fusing high-grade industrial aluminum oxide powders in an electric arc furnace with a temperature of over 2000 ℃ . < More >