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Unshaped Refractory Materials

Welcome to SHUO CHENG! We are a professional refractory material and abrasive material company integrating production, processing and exportation. This page shows you our unshaped refractory materials, such as castalbe for steel ladle, high-alumina self-flow castable, corundum based refractory castable, magnesium aluminate spinel refractory castable, mullite refractory castable, light-weight insulating castable, refractory motar, etc. If you are looking for these unshaped refractory materials, please contact us right now. We are looking forward to our sincere cooperation in the near future!

    1. Refractory Castable

      The refractory castable is made from refractory aggregate, refractory powder, binding agent, additive, water or other liquids. It is suitable for pouring procedure. < More >