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Green Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Product Number: SC-GC
Taking petroleum coke and quality silica as its main raw materials and halite as additive, the green silicon carbide abrasive is processed via high-temperature smelting in resistance furnace.

The green silicon carbide abrasive features crisp and sharp characteristics, good hardness (between corundum and diamond), higher mechanical strength than corundum, well suitable for various multi-purpose abrasive tools and cutting abrasives like grinding wheel, abrasive paper, abrasive belt, etc.

Technical Indicators of Green Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Grit SiC F.C. Fe2O3
F12-F90 99.50%min 0.20%max 0.20%max
F100-F150 98.50%min 0.25%max 0.50%max
F180-F220 97.50%min 0.25%max 0.70%max
F230-F400 97.00%min 0.30%max 0.70%max
F500-F800 95.50%min 0.40%max 0.70%max
F1000-F1200 94.00%min 0.50%max 0.80%max
P12-P90 98.50%min 0.25%max 0.25%max
P100-P150 98.0%min 0.30%max 0.55%max
P180-P220 97.00%min 0.30%max 0.80%max
P240-P1000 96.50%min 0.40%max 0.80%max
P1200-P2500 94.50%min 0.45%max 0.90%max

Bulk Density Index (g/ cm3)

Grit No. F12 F16 F20 F24 F30 F36 F46
B.D. 1.45-1.59 1.44-1.58 1.44-1.58 1.43-1.57 1.43-1.57 1.41-1.55 1.39-1.53
Grit No. F60 F80 F100 F120 F150 F180 F220
B.D. 1.37-1.51 1.36-1.50 1.35-1.49 1.33-1.47 1.31-1.45 1.30-1.44 1.30-1.44

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Synthetic Abrasive | Artificial Abrasive

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