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Garnet Abrasive

Product Number: SC-GS
The garnet abrasive features relatively high hardness and excellent resistance to acid and alkali, high melting point, excellent wear resistance, stable chemical properties, etc. The stunning beautiful colors of the abrasive material selected by high-purity magnet include gray, red, green, white, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the multi-function garnet abrasive is the raw material of the newly developed overseas three-dimensional wall spray painting, and it is the only abrasive that allows for color shell sandblasting in glass shell factory.

Applications of Garnet Abrasive
1.Sandblasting, rust removal, cutting, special welding and thermal spraying, raw materials for grinding wheel, oilstone, abrasive cloth, abrasive paper
2.Abrasive for high pressure water jetting equipment (water jet scalpel)
3. It is effective in improving degree of finish of silicon wafer, optical lens, precision instruments, polished glass shell, glassware, ceramic and building stone, leather, plastics, metal part.
4. Excellent abrasive material for high way pavement, flight runway, abrasive rubber, industrial terrace, non-skid varnish, etc.
5. Filtering medium for chemical engineering, oil, pharmacy and water treatment
6. Weighting agent for drilling fluid

Technical Indicators of Garnet Abrasive

SiO2 36.0-40% Gravity 3.98
Al2O3 20.0--24.0% Bulk Density(#80) 2.15g/cm3
FeO 22.0-24.0% Mohs Hardness 8.2
Fe2O3 4.0-6.0% Melting point 1400 ℃
MnO 00.5% Free Silica 0.1% Max
TiO2 00.5%
MgO 1.50%
CaO 1.90%

Related Names
Sandblasting Abrasive | Polishing Abrasive

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