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Resin Bonded Wheels

SHUO CHENG has been actively involved in the abrasive material and tool sector for over 10 years. We have served numerous clients both domestic and overseas, and our top-quality abrasive materials and tools are highly praised by them. These delicately crafted resin bonded wheels are no exception.

We ensure you that you will be fully satisfied with our resin bonded wheels once you try them. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to get the highly-praised abrasive tool and competitive prices.

Identification Code Explanation of Resin Bonded Wheels

Type Abrasive code Grain size Hardness Grade organise No. Bond Reinforced Max. speed
41 A 36 P 4 B F2 RMP15200

Technical Indicators of Resin Bonded Wheels
Type: 41-Cutting Wheel, 42-Cutting and Grinding Wheel, 27-Grinding Wheel
Abrasive code: A, WA, C, GC, ZA, Mixed Grains.
Grain Size: 12-1200
Hardness Grade: F,G,H,J,K,L,M,N,P,Q,R,S,T
Grade organise No.: 4, 5, 6
Bond: V-vitrified, B-bonded, R-rubber
Reinforced: F-One-ply Net, F2-Two-ply Net, F3-Three-ply Net, F4-Four-ply Net
Max speed: 80m/s, 70m/s, 50m/s

Related Names
Bonded Abrasive | Resin Bonded Grinding Wheel

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