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Bonded Abrasives

Being a professional abrasive material supplier in China, SHUO CHENG is competent to offer various high-qualitybonded abrasives. Our popular bonded abrasives contains abrasive block, resin bonded wheel, vitrified bonded wheels. These abrasive tools are well received both domestically and internationally. 

Our more than ten years of experience in the field of abrasive material and abrasive tool guarantees the bonded abrasives we offer are satisfactory. Please contact us once you need reliable abrasive block, resin bonded wheel, vitrified bonded wheels, etc. We are waiting for your enquiry.

    1. Abrasive Block

      Kraft paper boxes on iron frame pallet.
      The abrasive block can be made from silicon carbide, white aluminum oxide or brown aluminum oxide. < More >