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Abrasive Tools

As a professional Chinese company engaged in refractory material and abrasive material production, processing and exportation, SHUO CHENG is not only able to provides a wide range of clients with all kinds of refractory raw materials, unshaped refractory materials, shaped refractory materials, refractory metallurgical auxiliary materials and abrasive raw materials, but also capable of supplying bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard abrasives, tumbling media and other abrasive tools. In addition, we are excellent in providing customization service in accordance with clients' specific requirements. If you have not found your ideal abrasive tools, please contact us anytime. SHUO CHENG is always at your service!

    1. Tumbling Media

      The ceramic products are available in different shapes like spherosome, cylinder, elliptical cylinder, triangle, oblique triangle, oval, cone, rhombus, tetrahedron, etc. < More >