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About Us

  • Company Profile

  • SHUO CHENG has been deeply engaged in producing, processing and exporting refractories and abrasives for more than 10 years. Our well-received product lineup covers refractory raw materials, shaped refractory materials, unshaped refractory materials, refractory metallurgical auxiliary materials, abrasive materials, and abrasive tools. These premium refractory and abrasive products have a wide rang of applications, well suitable for such industries as metallurgy, kiln, petrochemistry, thermal power generation, ceramic, glass, cement, etc.

    We are proud to own four smelting furnaces for brown fused alumina, four smelting furnaces for white fused alumina, two production lines for brown fused alumina, three production lines for white fused alumina, two automatic castable production lines, two drying kilns, etc. With the advanced production equipment, we are capable of producing 40,000 tons of fused alumina products and 11,000 ton castable materials annually.

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  • Quality Control

    • Bulk Density Meter
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Chemical Composition
    • Small-Scale Jaw Crusher

    • Apparent Porosity and
      Bulk Density Tester
    • Ignition Loss Testing
    • Flame Photometer
    • Muffle Furnace

    In terms of exportation, we pay much attention to exportation documents. We have a set of strict censorship system for every required document, ensuring you are able to receive refractories and abrasives successfully.

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  • Successful Cases

  • Over the past decade, SHUO CHENG has established great cooperative relationships with numerous domestic and overseas clients. Our high-quality refractory and abrasive products have been well accepted by our clients. There have been a lot of successful cases in the past years. Here we give you two of the most encouraging cases:

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  • Sustainable Development

  • SHUO CHENG has been deeply engaged in the refractory and abrasive material industry for over ten years. Our focus is not only on economical benefit, but also on social benefit and environmental benefit. For instance, sustainable development is SHUO CHENG's basic strategy for future development as well as the long-term goal we pursue.

    Dust Pollution Treatment
    We have adopted the drum-style filter dust collector and bag-style automatic reverse pulse dust collector to reduce the dust during production. Currently, they are still the best options to deal with dust.

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