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  • Cement

  • Refractory Solutions for Cement Industry

    Since 2002, SHUO CHENG has been actively involved in the refractories and abrasives industry. With more than 10 years of professional experience, we are able to provide our partners in the cement industry with the unparalleled ceramic refractory products and second-to-none services.

    SHUO CHENG aims to not only live up to manufacturers' expectations for a significant improvement in productivity and consequently strong profitability, but also exceed them.

    The functionality of refractory materials can never be topped. SHUO CHENG keeps pumping large amounts of money into the continuous development of extremely durable and reliable refectories so as to live up to all the requirements of the constantly evolving processes of the modern cement production.

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  • Enviro-Energy-Chemistry

  • Refractory Solutions for Enviro-Energy-Chemistry Industries

    As a well-recognized refractory material supplier in China, SHUO CHENG is able to offer complete refractories solutions for a wide variety of plants in the enviro-energy-chemistry industries. Our holistic services range from concept and planning of units, consulting and selection of appropriate refractory products to lining, logistics and after-sales service.

    SHUO CHENG not only provide clients with extraordinary products, but also serve them with future-oriented refractory solutions.

    Exemplary Refractory Solutions
    We continuously develop new refractory products in order to increase purity in thermal process.

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  • Glass

  • Refractory Solutions for Glass Industry

    SHUO CHENG is excellent in offering a technologically innovative, high-quality and complete portfolio for the flat glass, container glass and special glass sectors. Our international production and sales network with highly-qualified employees enables us to provide services globally and get closer to customers.

    Our non-stop development of innovative and effective materials and system solutions contributes to the rapid improvement of the productivity and product quality of our partners in the glass industry. They are extremely satisfied with our continuous efforts to do better and better.

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  • Lime

  • Refractory Solutions for Lime Industry

    SHUO CHENG is positioned as a globally operating full-range supplier for the lime industry.

    SHUO CHENG always tries its best to ensure a sustainable increase in the productivity and profitability of its customers, as well as the development and realization of unique, comprehensive and market and process-oriented package solutions for the lime industry.

    From consulting to engineering, from delivery of materials to complete assembly, from professional project management via kiln management, monitoring by supervisors, strict compliance with top quality and environmental standards to our own service engineers who operate worldwide, we strive to make sure every step and every detail is extremely satisfactory.

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  • Nonferrous Metals

  • Refractory Solutions for Nonferrous Industry

    SHUO CHENG has been deeply involved in the refectories and abrasives industry for more than 10 years. Our comprehensive product and service program ranges from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, prefabricated components, sliding gate plates and gas purging systems to special machinery, repair systems and the installation of refractory products in a variety of units for the nonferrous metals industry around the world.

    We strive to achieve the optimization of all processes in the nonferrous metals industry, the significant increase of efficiency, the satisfactory improvement of melting plant safety, as well as the successful development of optimal refractories solutions for pyrometallurgical vessels.

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  • Raw Materials

  • The Raw Materials Division secures SHUO CHENG's raw material supply from the Group's own raw material sites in China for the long term. Additional demands are covered by raw materials purchased from external raw material suppliers.

    Optimization and Further Development
    Our well-educated and seasoned specialists in the field of research and development, mining and manufacturing continuously work to further optimize and develop our raw material supply, thus securing the success of our Group in the long run.

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  • Steel

  • Refractory Solutions for Steel Industry

    As a leading refractories and abrasives supplier in China, SHUO CHENG takes pride in our complete product and service portfolio for the steel industry, ranging from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, isostatically pressed products and prefabricated components to special machinery, repair systems and services for the lining of diverse units on site.

    SHUO CHENG spares no efforts to achieve the goals:
    1. A sustainable increase in productivity accomplished via close cooperation with our clients, innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.
    2. A significant reduction of refractories costs based on the optimization and adaptation of lining concepts to the production processes and the use of high-tech machinery.
    3. An optimization of the materials and systems used corresponding to metallurgical requirements and in close cooperation with our specialists on site.

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