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Nonferrous Metals

Refractory Solutions for Nonferrous Industry

SHUO CHENG has been deeply involved in the refectories and abrasives industry for more than 10 years. Our comprehensive product and service program ranges from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, prefabricated components, sliding gate plates and gas purging systems to special machinery, repair systems and the installation of refractory products in a variety of units for the nonferrous metals industry around the world.

We strive to achieve the optimization of all processes in the nonferrous metals industry, the significant increase of efficiency, the satisfactory improvement of melting plant safety, as well as the successful development of optimal refractories solutions for pyrometallurgical vessels.

Exemplary Refractory Solutions
Our comprehensive knowledge of processes in combination with unique refractories applications ensure perfectly developed and implemented concepts for re-linings, greenfield projects and the expansion of melting units.

Our efforts are involved in many aspects, from the development of refractory quality concepts to their realization, from heat flux, heat transfer and stress calculations by CFD and FEA modeling to instructions for heating up or shutting down furnaces, from advice regarding the storage of refectory material to process and flow control solutions and their installation and supervision on site.

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