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Service and Support

SHUO CHENG always believe sincere service and support is part of product as well as the whole process from product purchasing to usage. As a well-recognized refractories and abrasives manufacturer in China, SHUO CHENG will spare no efforts to provide you with corresponding service and support, ensuring that you are able to have easy access to diversified products and use our products at ease. Our holistic service and support covers the following aspects:

1. We offer 100g free sample, making it convenient for you to test the quality.
2. Our modern advanced production equipment ensures that we are able to offer you fast delivery service.
3. Our top notch inspection equipment guarantees that the quality of our products is reliable and consistent.
4. 7/24 on-line service makes it easy for you to reach us any time.
5. Customization service is available.

SHUO CHENG will try its best to fulfill your any requirements with sincerity. If you are interested to buy any refractories and abrasives, please contact us right now. Your 100 percent satisfaction is our motivation to be better every day.