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Refractory Solutions for Steel Industry

As a leading refractories and abrasives supplier in China, SHUO CHENG takes pride in our complete product and service portfolio for the steel industry, ranging from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, isostatically pressed products and prefabricated components to special machinery, repair systems and services for the lining of diverse units on site.

SHUO CHENG spares no efforts to achieve the goals:
1. A sustainable increase in productivity accomplished via close cooperation with our clients, innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.
2. A significant reduction of refractories costs based on the optimization and adaptation of lining concepts to the production processes and the use of high-tech machinery.
3. An optimization of the materials and systems used corresponding to metallurgical requirements and in close cooperation with our specialists on site.

ExemplaryRefractory Solutions
In the SHUO CHENG Contract Business segment, we offer customized solutions for individual units or segments, depending on customer requirements; the extended version, SHUO CHENG Full Line Service, covers refractories solutions and services for entire steel plants.

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